Building VSCmdShell

We recently made some changes to the build configurations for VSCmdShell. To build the Debug configuration, no additional tools are required. This way you can build and experiment with the source code more easily. The Debug configuration does not build test projects.

If you wish to contribute changes to the VSCmdShell project, you must build the Debug-Test, FxCop-Release and Release configurations. You will need to use the tools and procedures described below to build those configurations:

VSCmdShell requires additional tools to be installed in order to build:
  1. Code analysis is performed by FxCop 1.35 RC 1, which is available at
  2. Unit tests are developed and run using NUnit 2.2.7, which is available at
  3. The installer is built with WiX 2.0.3719, which is available at
  4. Building VSCmdShell requires Microsoft PowerShell, which is available at

Step 0:
Download the tools listed above.

Step 1:
Download the latest sources on the Source Code page

Step 2:
Open the VSCmdShell.Settings.targets file. This file is located in the solution directory.

You will find the following tags for each of the tools listed above:
<FxCopExtDir> </FxCopExtDir>
<NUnitDir> </NUnitDir>
<WiXDir> </WiXDir>

Step 3:
Set these properties to the tools' installation directories. Be sure to include a trailing slash in each path.

For example:

Step 4:
Close and reopen the solution, when inside the VS IDE, to pick up the new tool locations.

Step 5:

Once solution is successfully built, MSI package will be placed under CommandShell\VSCmdShell Installer directory.

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StoneFree Sep 1, 2007 at 8:14 PM 
I don't have a lib directory under "Windows Installer XML\bin" and so the build cannot find wixui_featuretree.wixlib. Where can I find these files as I have downloaded the WIX MSI file and Binaries ZIP, and neither contain it